Small Group Training


Semi-private Training for Up to Four People

Do you need a little encouragement during training? Then small group training is the way to go. Having a support group can add the something extra that you may need — it creates a fitness environment that some find more effective in reaching their goals. Encouraging words, advice, or even simply having a workout buddy creates an atmosphere that becomes exciting to be a part of — one that encourages hard work and motivates everyone in the group. If you struggle with motivation, having someone cheer you on and/or challenge you can make a big difference.

With small group training, Saint Fitness can successfully train 3 to 4 individuals at one time. Saint Fitness will modify a training program that will fit each individual’s current fitness level.

Small Group Training

Up to Four (pricing is per person)

  • Semi-private sessions (12/mo.)
  • Meal Plans
  • Assessments


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