Flexibility Enhancement

img14Flexibility Enhancement is very important with any type of sport or training. Committing time to stretch is vitally just as important as cardio or weight training. Improving your balance and coordination helps prevent injuries that can be sustained while training.
One of the key reasons that muscles lose their natural suppleness and flexibility and can become prone to tears, aches, and pains is being inactive. If the situation is not remedied in time, loss of flexibility could lead to permanent changes in posture and normal muscle function. It is therefore imperative to maintain muscle flexibility as an important component of overall fitness.
By incorporating flexibility enhancement into the end of your fitness routine is the perfect time to focus and allow your body the relaxation of the mind and body, while encouraging the muscles to recover and revitalize.
Research shows some of the major benefits fromflexibility training are reduced stress, releases tension and maximizes the strength in all joint movement. Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 4.17.37 PM