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I address you not to tell about how much weight I lost with SAINT FITNESS, but how Dwain and SAINT FITNESS have changed me into the man I am today. Dwain St.Julian will no doubt make you lose weight, he has taught me the true value in it as well. Though hard work, determination, proper eating, and mental conditioning, I have attained an entirely new lifestyle. I am more alert, energetic, healthier, and overall pleased with what I’ve accomplished.

Exercise and nutrition are not a fad; they are a way of living. If you treat it like a ‘Quick Fix’, it will show and you will not be happy with the outcome. SAINT FITNESS will teach you every aspect of this and suit it to your personal needs so that you are satisfied with your progress. I have lost over 150 lbs. and still counting, but I didn’t do this in a short period of time. It took me two years of focus, burning desire, hard work, commitment and prayer to achieve this… and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon. So to all who read this, I hope my words have helped in your decision to partner with SAINT FITNESS!

Christopher G.
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Kari – before SaintFitness.com

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Kari – after SaintFitness.com

Being active and involved in sports my entire life, I was surprised when I left college 25 pounds heavier.  Since one of my degrees was in Kinesiology (Physical Education), I thought I would have no problem getting into shape.  After years of yoyo dieting and seeing small dismal results on my own, I decided to hire Dwain to help me trim the fat and build lean muscle.

Since I have been working out with Dwain, I love the way my body looks!  I have dropped the fat, added muscle tone, increased my cardiovascular endurance, and improved my self-image.  Dwain not only provides the extra amount of encouragement and motivation that I need to push me to accomplish my goals, but he also has become one of my biggest support systems.  Working with Dwain has truly changed my life, so if you are ready for a life changing experience don’t hesitate to call him!  Thanks Dwain!!

Kari Long

Living with osteoarthritis, a hectic traveling work schedule, and poor eating habits allowed my weight to rise severely and my health to slowly deteriorate.  Not to mention the emotional toll I carried after trying everything I knew to try and reverse my health issues.  This was before GOD lead me to you Mr. St.Julian.  Not only do I feel 150% better, but  I’ve lost almost 40 pounds and I am continuing to go in the direction of the best shape of my life.  I truly thought it was not possible after trying everything I thought I knew to do, until you encouraged, pushed, and educated me back to better health.  Not to mention working  me harder then I have ever worked in a gym.  You are truly a God send and I cannot express my most sincerest thanks to you and your beautiful family enough.

Daniel T.

Since I have started training with Dwain, I have noticed a gradual change in my physique.  I have noticed my clothes starting to become loose.  Dwain encourages me to push myself to maximize my full potential while training. I can hardly wait to see what the end results will be with my full dedication in becoming fit and healthier.

Shani F.